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On Thursday, July 27, Tempe City Council voted 4-2 to issue a formal letter of reprimand against me for a post I made on my personal facebook and instagram pages. In the post, I stated: “Things I never thought about when I decided to run for council. #1 That I would have my own personal, psycho, paparazzi stalker. #2 That he would take such good photos!” I edited the post within two hours to remove the word psycho and stalker, prior to any complaints, even though I did not name the photo taker by name.

My opinion of the letter of reprimand is that it is pure politics. Vice mayor is a rotating position and I am next in line in the rotation in 2018. There are concerns among some that I will run for Tempe mayor in 2020. While each Council member has a specific reason for their vote, I believe, on the whole, the vote was to create the excuse to skip me as next in line for vice mayor, and to pre-write the negative mailers a PAC will use in the event I run for mayor in 2020.

My greatest concern is not that Council is playing politics, it is (1) they are doing it with taxpayer money, (2) in violation of the 1st Amendment, and (3) are putting state shared revenue at risk under Berry v. Foster 883 P.2d 470 (1994). This is a dangerous path.

There is real work to be done in Tempe to address homelessness, transportation, parks, and housing affordability, among others. This is the work residents want us to focus on. This is the work I ran for Council to focus on. This is the work residents demand that we focus on. To do anything less is to do Tempe a disservice.

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(I realize this is not the typical political statement. I contemplated simply writing the “I deeply regret my actions…” statement politicians typically make in these situations. However, it has become increasingly clear to me this is a pattern and practice of Council, related to me, and simply bowing my head and taking it only serves to empower some Council members to do it more.

Additionally, I want to thank Councilpersons Kuby and Schapira for seeing this for what it is, and voting against the letter of reprimand.)



Kolby Granville was elected to the Tempe City Council in May 2012. He previously co-chaired the City Council's Neighborhoods and Education Committee and was named by the Arizona Republic a 2013 Tempe Person of the Year.  He was also named "Friend of Maple Ash" award winner for 2015 due to his support of neighborhoods.

Kolby has spent the last 25 years as an active Tempe resident. He graduated from McClintock High School in 1992. Kolby has three degrees from ASU; a B.A. in Secondary Education, a M.Ed. in Educational Media, and a J.D.  While at ASU, Kolby competed on the Sun Devils archery team, achieving All-American status as one of the top 10 collegiate male archers in the United States. He was also active in the Residence Hall Association, and undergraduate student government.

After graduation, Kolby moved to Changchun, China where he worked as a curriculum developer and teacher. Upon his return to Tempe, he was appointed to the Tempe Municipal Arts Commission and the Board of Directors for the East Valley Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. In the wake of 9/11, Kolby moved to Mozambique with the Peace Corps and served as a teacher trainer. 

More recently, Kolby served as a member of the Tempe Development Review Commission and the Tempe Affordable Housing Trust Fund. He is a former board member for the Scottsdale International Film Festival, the Phoenix Boys ChoirCommitment To Schools, and Friends of TCA.  Kolby is a lifetime member of Tempe Sister Cities, and is active in his neighborhood association.

Kolby left being an attorney at Mariscal, Weeks, McIntrye & Friedlander to be a teacher and currently teaches Humane Letters and US History/Government at Tempe Prep Academy.  In his free time, Kolby likes to rock climb, run long distances, do triathlons, watch movies, write and paint.

While this webpage is updated from time to time, Councilman Granville updates his facebook page with news about Tempe on a nearly daily basis.   "Like" his facebooktwitter, or instagram to keep up!

Feel free to email me at kolbyg@gmail.com

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