Policy Papers

From time to time, I will write "white papers."  These are, in short, overarching policy papers that may (or may not), be directly related to things soon to come before council.  Also, keep in mind, opinions evolve over time.  So, my opinion on a topic at the time of writing, may not be my exact opinion today.

1.  Continuing Policy Papers

2.  Elected Official Compensation

3.  Multi-Mode Transportation

4.  The Role of Government

5.  Cost/Benefit Sharing...Who Pays?

6.  Net Metering/APS

7.  Government as Employer?

8.  Paid Sick Leave

9.  How I Got Started In Politics

10.  What I Believe

11.  Gentrification

12.  Minimum Wage

13.  This Has All Happened Before...

14.  A Bit About My Leadership Style

15.  The Case for Survey Based Goal Setting

16.  After Democracy

17.  Really Not Running Again!

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